Online Data Room Providers

Online Data Room Providers

When you’re looking to establish an online data room for your company or already operating a data space and want to expand your offerings There are many ways you can ensure your data room is an success. It is possible to set users’ access restrictions, utilize cloud-based applications, and be sure to use the most effective tools for managing the data.


A data room could be beneficial to companies that are engaged in large and complicated transactions. With the right tools, they can better manage their deals and avoid data leaks.

A virtual data room is one way to accomplish this. Data rooms are secure websites that permit businesses to keep confidential data and then share it. The data room is widely used in areas, such as finance and law.

The data room is typically employed in mergers and acquisitions. The data room gives investors from all over all over the world access to crucial documents. It also allows you to perform due diligence with ease. There is every feature you need to make your due diligence process easy. It provides an audit trail, access rights as well as a safe viewer for files, as well as other features. It’s also extremely intuitive and friendly.

A data room is not only useful but can also present a threat. For instance, if you have corrupted or missing documents, it can cause the deal to fail. Companies need to protect many more documents.

A data room will give you a clearer view of the deal. Data rooms can be used to share documents and transactions, and also offer rooms Additionally, it allows users to instantly encrypt files.

A data room is also useful to help keep your company’s intellectual property safe. In the case of an organization has patents or trademarks, it needs to store these items in a safe and secure location.


Brainloop, a software company which protects data sensitive is founded in Munich in 2000. The company offers a platform with several modules that are adapted to various requirements of businesses. Additionally, there are offices in Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

Its primary goal is to provide companies with a safe and secure way to manage sensitive information. This software was designed to safeguard documents during transit, at rest, as well as in collaboration. Additionally, it gives companies the ability to control data sharing. Brainloop utilizes 256-bit AES encryption as well as two-factor authentication to make sure that only authorized users are able to access sensitive data.

Brainloop provides a safe virtual data room that offers maximum protection for confidential documents. This virtual room is cloud-based and offers a flexible access. The secure environment allows companies to access their data outside of their firewalls. It serves as a central repository for documents that are confidential, and allows organizations to share data outside.

Brainloop provides a trial for free. To obtain pricing information it is possible to contact Brainloop. It is still working defined its pricing plan. The company’s pricing depends on a number of factors like the number of clients, scope of the project and the nature of the business.

Brainloop is a platform that runs on the web which is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. Additionally, it supports Android as well as iOS devices, which makes it easy to access the data area on smartphones. An online portal dedicated to the data room offers customers with 24/7 support.


Founded in 2010, CapLinked was founded in 2010 and is a web-based data room solution that makes it easy to share and collaborate on documents, while maintaining a secure and encrypted environment. CapLinked’s technology assists with M&A, fundraising, and reports on investor performance. Clients include private equity firms, investment banks businesses, and corporate clients. CapLinked offers document management, version control, as well as an integrated instant messaging application.

CapLinked utilizes an API with security that offers a powerful security module. The API allows users to download large file and manage access rights. Additionally, it allows users to remove access to documents and keep track of the download history.

CapLinked provides users with an easy-to-use user interface on its website, which simplifies users’ experience. Additionally, it provides an API endpoint that allows integration with other applications.

CapLinked’s support for customers is accessible all hours of the day all week long. CapLinked can be reached by either phone, email, or chat. They can also receive training to help them get the most out of CapLinked’s software.

CapLinked provides a 14-day free trial. The trial includes 500 MB of storage space, two administrator accounts, and a one-month promotional cost. It also offers the highest-quality encryption of files for enterprises.

CapLinked provides a variety of integrations, including Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Box as well as Google Drive. CapLinked provides copy protection to prevent users from printing or copying sensitive documents. The program also offers a complete activity feedthat lets users view all recent activity.

The company offers an API that is complete that allows customization as well as full control. CapLinked uses HTTPS connections, as well as AES256 bit encryption.


Founded in 2007, EthosData is a British company which provides an online data space to their customers. They aim to make their information room more user-friendly and offer various features to help to make it simple to manage and use.

You can try it without cost, and they offer 3 plans that range from $180 to $420 per month. First, the Basic plan comes with a 500MB space for storage and one data room. Unlimited users can be granted access through the Professional plan. This provides unlimited access as well as professionals for the data room at no additional cost.

EthosData has a wide range of services, such as encryption of emails and document rights management. There is also a search tool that makes it simple to locate documents fast. You can also be notified via email of data room activity immediately. EthosData utilizes AI-infused solutions to guard against data leaks.

EthosData is compatible with iOS, Mac, and Windows. EthosData has offices located in London, Hong Kong, and Madrid. They offer webinars as well as live training in person. They have been certified according to international standards, including ISO 27001 and SSAE 16.

EthosData’s data room provides enterprise-grade security. The servers monitor the data center 24-hours all day, and create an encrypted connection that is at least 256 bits. Administrators can quickly revoke user access with EthosData following the opening of documents. They can also perform an audit of user activity.

EthosData provides additional functions, including the permissions system. This is designed to help administrators monitor user activity, create activity reports, as well as manage rights for users. This is designed to protect private information.


Whether you’re looking for an online data room service or just want to look at some providers, it’s important to be aware of your choices. For the most suitable solution for you, go through reviews, and get others for recommendations.

Virtual data rooms provide the security to save confidential business documents. It’s a useful resource for businesses of all sizes as it’s crucial to keep your documents safe. An experienced provider will aid you to ensure that you’re able to access your data without worrying about them getting lost or corrupted.

There are a variety of virtual data room companies out in the marketplace, and every one offers a unique experience. The key is to analyze the provider’s features and pricing in order to choose the one most suitable for your requirements.

Consider security features such as secure watermarks document analysis that is based on AI Single sign-on secure PDF files, and security timeouts. Also, you should think about whether the company offers unlimited or a per-page price.

A reputable provider will include features for mobile devices, such as apps for mobile devices, reports on user activity and access rights revoking, and the ability to upload bulk files. Be sure to ensure that your provider has apps that work on both Android as well as iOS devices.

A reliable service for virtual data rooms should also provide an excellent level of customer support. Furthermore, you should consider a service which offers a trial period for free.

Set access limitations for the users of the data room

Virtual data rooms can aid in sharing sensitive data as well as facilitate collaboration. It lets you control sensitive information, share documents and make sure everyone is using up-to-date versions. There are several options to use it.

It is recommended to restrict access. It is possible to assign various degrees of access to every user, and also restrict the type of file they are able to download, and from where. As an example, you could set up a limited viewing mode for documents that only let all of the document be visible. Additionally, you could block some users from sharing files.

Moderators are the most effective method of controlling access to your online data room. The room can be restricted by the amount of users are able to access it at once. Certain platforms might be subject to a fixed price. Some platforms charge per-user fees. It is possible to use the virtual data space to collaborate and share information on files with partners and clients. It can be used to handle confidential conversations. It is also possible to revoke access to digital documents.

The most important part of this process is establishing the appropriate limitations. Some providers have specific limits on file size. Downloads of files can be limited according to location, time or date. To keep track of who downloaded which files, you could use online data room. It is possible to receive alerts based upon your service provider’s rules for when a person reads an article within your virtual data space. It is also possible to install automated watermarks.